Classification with Weka

The concept of “Artificial Intelligence”, “Deep Learning” and “Machine Learning” are getting so popular among in every society, nowadays. People mostly thinks that AI is so dangerous because robots might become so intelligent to take over the world. But in fact, the whole concept is old and unless you give a soul and consciousness to a robot it is not possible for them to conquer the world. In the end, every move and every result comes from a calculation!!!

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Finding Dominant Color on Image

When I started to learn image recognition, this was the first real project I have ever done, and it was fun. Therefore, I decided to start my first machine learning post with this project. The project aims to find the dominant color of an image. But you must be thinking, why would we need this?

Consider that you need to summarize the most important moments of a football match and you are a computer scientist, how would you solve that problem? If you like to watch football you may prefer to watch and decide which moments are most important by yourself. But what if you don’t like football? 🙂 Yes, I don’t like football and I’m a computer scientist. Yay! All I have to do is to find the dominant color for each frame of video. And you can basically presume that if the moment is important you camera will leave the playground and focus to football player. So, if green color is dominant it means that it’s not the important frame and you can eliminate it. Of course, it may not be that simple but this project should be a basic project to learn K-Means Clustering. Continue reading “Finding Dominant Color on Image”

Cross-Site Request Forgery

*** Nothing contained in this article is intended to teach or encourage the use of security tools or methodologies for illegal or unethical purposes.

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